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romanglass saw me ugly-cry when they first came out onstage, so embarrassing!

lots to tell, but I have to go to work tomorrow. since I sound like a total mantalker in phone posts, I'll mention again that I was interviewed by Magnus (in his wonderful, 17-year-old Depeche Mode shirt) of Dagbladet. I cannot remember the photographer's name, but he took way too many photos of me looking probably crazy & shiny. I had a migraine (how freaking convenient!) right up until 5 PM the day of the concert-- I loaded up on 2 Imitrex and went all woozy. I did wear very tall boots, which killed me walking up and down subway stairs. worth it, though-- we made it to the front of the balcony, many thanks to Catherine & Geoff & their tall English friend whose name I cannot remember! I did buy shirts-- according to the Norwegian shirt man, they had only 250 total. I had to get what they had, so if any of you don't like them... eBay!

at the party Sunday night, I met other fans from Costa Rica (one wearing an Icon Of Coil shirt!), Japan, Singapore, England, Scotland (sayuri_x, we need to meet under less busy circumstances!), & all over America. I know there were others from Germany, Mexico, Spain, Canada, & Norway, but I didn't meet them personally. everyone is just so nice & interesting... a very diverse group, with one particular thing in common. besides telling Dagbladet about the US street team, I tried to stress how the friendships I've made and people I've met through this music has been the most important thing. cue sappy violins!

I'll also try to upload photos tomorrow. I didn't take many photos of the actual concert since I was too busy with my jaw dropped.
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