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reading murder books, trying to stay hip

Billy Idol kissed me on the mouth.

my thighs went up in flames.


edit: details of all the bodice ripping.
before I properly start, the entire House Of Blues chain is my least favorite place to see anyone live. it’s all very corporate, security can never be found when you really need them, and I had forgotten they do not allow photography of any kind-- the reason is they have copywrited their interior, and you may not take any photos that might involve the building’s interior without jumping through some major hoops. of course that didn’t stop a bunch of drunk people taking crappy photos with their cell phones.

ANYWAY: I suppose the main reason I hate the place is because the crowds I’ve experienced have always been horrible. having survived varying levels of Duran Duran’s professional ho bags, I can handle nearly everything. I still do not like being surrounded by jerky, drunk men who try to make cute remarks to me, blow smoke in my face, and scream “shut up, play White Wedding!” when Billy Idol is trying to tell a story onstage. the bar also sells giant glass bottles of booze, which with the typical audience is very dangerous. luckily we moved closer to the stage halfway through and got more personal space from the fugly couples playing tonsil hockey.

Billy Idol is 1000 times more Billy Idol in person. that’s the best way I can describe him-- more charismatic than Charles Manson. he also looks incredible without a shirt on, which isn’t the sort of thing I usually care about. quote of the year, so far: John Lydon doesn’t look like this, yeah? a bra was thrown onstage and he gingerly picked it up, pranced around with it against his chest, and threw it back in the crowd. Steve Stevens played perfect guitar behind his head 3 times, and once with his teeth. yet again, I knew beforehand he’s fun-sized, but I just wanted to put him on a keychain anyway. absolute rock stars.

they didn’t play the songs I really wanted to hear, but it was all excellent. afterwards was the meet & greet... security were hardcore, crushing-your-skull about no personal photos, which is understandable but sucky anyway. he signed the cover of my “White Wedding” white vinyl 12 inch (which happens to be one of my favorite album cover images), and then he reached out towards me in an embrace. I grabbed some leather (he’ll probably be buried in a leather coffin when he dies) & as I pulled back his.... snarl came towards my face. I just went along with it & he kissed me on the mouth. “not porno tongue, church tongue!” okay, no tongue, but having a perpetual sneer gives one very strong lips. I was... shocked. his DNA was on my mouth. vaguely disturbing, yet nice. if it had been Steve Stevens (who would have needed to stand on a box to reach me, ha!), I may have screamed. instead I just kinda went “oh!” I didn’t get to ask him if he would be playing Manchester, since all my synapses went into shutdown when his hand accidentally (I swear! he didn’t do it on purpose, & I definitely didn’t thrust towards him) brushed against my left breast. WHAT. it is fun to say “Billy Idol felt me up,” but really-- he’s felt up 75% of the world’s female population. this does not make me a unique & beautiful snowflake!

photos are here.

and now, semi-related: voodoodollyiii, who I've 'known' on LJ longer than anyone, had questions!
Estimate how many concerts you have been to. What were your three favorites?

I actually found most of my old ticket stubs, the oldest being for Nine Inch Nails in 1995. I'm going to guess 25, which isn't a lot compared to most people. (I do have a list I keep, in a notebook probably hidden in a box under a futon.)

in order:
#1: Depeche Mode, Atlanta 2001. I actually had LOW expectations for it since I didn't love the last album. didn't get tickets until 5 days before, when they went down $10 in price. never danced so hard in my life. also the coolest crowd-- if only for the pack of men who coordinated TAKING OFF THEIR SHIRTS AT THE SAME TIME. they all had Dave Gahan hair, and danced with me at random. moral of this story is even if Depeche's new album sucks, go see them live no matter what. you will be surrounded by dancing Dave Gahan-alikes who are of dubious sexual orientation.

#2: Psycho le Cemu, Orlando 2005. having seats directly behind the tiny front-row winners who paid over $700 for their seats. accidently seeing up Aya's skirt. being very, very close to Yura-sama's ridiculous face & nearly dying every time he smiled or rolled his eyes. Daishi crying. seek dancing around. Lida didn't come close enough and he's my favorite, blah. Sheila catching Aya's pick! I think they're better in person than on CD.

#3: Einsturzende Neubauten, Atlanta 2004. 3 hours of standing and being battered by delicious noise. all the polite, possibly socially inept men in the audience who kept asking us random questions. going backstage and hugging sweaty-damp Blixa Bargeld and being grabbed by a possibly crunk & babbling Alexander Hacke.

honorable mentions:
Camino, New Orleans 2005. other than the entire weekend, particularly memorable for Ryosuke throwing me his towel & me not getting killed by a screaming fetus who jumped 2 rows back for it.

Nine Inch Nails, Charlotte 2000. even though I joke about him constantly, I have a very special, non-sexual place in my heart for Trent Reznor. always amazing live, even though I can't point out any one thing that makes it so wonderful.

What is the worst band/singer in history?

this is very difficult. there are many mediocre bands & singers whose popularity I will never understand. example: Celine Dion. all her songs sound the same to me, yet people obviously love her. I don't hate her, but her music is so ehhh to me. same goes for boy bands, and supposed rock bands who all look the same (boring) on Jay Leno.

now that I think about it: the singer in Rush. "Tom Sawyer." he sings as though a cat has him by the hoo-ha. DIE RUSHMAN DIE.

What clothing do you wear when you are happy?

a white trailer trash wifebeater, my old jeans that have makeup stains all over them, and a pair of cheap flip-flops.

What is your best talent?

the ability to charm my way in & out of situations. after that, I can manage my money so that I will never starve. I might not have fun, but I will at least have somewhere to live. I also used to play piano & write, but it stopped being fun so I quit.

Do you have lovely feet or clawy feet (i have clawy ones with bunions!)?

my feet are not pretty at all. they aren't super-fugly, but my toes are bizarre-- not monkey toes, just weird-shaped. peanut toes!

The last one was just silly, so here's a BONUS QUESTION!!!!!! What are the best and worst things about south carolina?

the best thing about living in the swamp is that it is convenient to nearly everywhere on the East Coast. in the middle of South Carolina, I am 2 hours away from the ocean & 2 hours away from the mountains. it's also way cheaper to live here than nearly anywhere else in America. the FOOD. all the hobos who drive to the liquor store on girly bicycles. it's cheap. signs that say "don't feed the alligators." I'm really in love with South Carolina-- people just tend to screw it up.

the worst thing is there is almost no middle class, no good places to see live music (hence no one wants to come here), being ranked 2nd on every "bad" list conceivable (we'll always have Mississippi to outrank us!), too many people beginning to move in with no understanding of what makes SC great (such as friendly neighborhood hobos on drunk bikes), and TERRIBLE public transportation.

also, please check out Jenny's sale: she has some really amazing stuff for good prices. I would suggest buying her copy of Brilliant Trees, one of the best albums to ever be made on a diet solely of cocaine & cigarettes.
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