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Blixa Bargeld led us into the hallway, opened up his arms, and proclaimed, "let us take photos!"

I held back a giggle. "well, we both want to be in the photo with you but we have no one to take it."

"OH!," he said. "I will get someone!"

he ran back into the other room, yelling "can I get someone to take photos?" someone came out (I think one of the fellows who kept letting me get almost on the stage to take photos of the equipment between songs) & I taught him how to use the camera. Blixa resumed his position, arms aloft, welcoming us to duck under his arms where we would have to grab him by the waist as he held us next to his pleasantly stage-damp turquoise silk-lined suit jacket.

"smile!," he urged. we attempted to not look dazed.

"one more!," I begged.

he tilts his face towards mine so our noses are almost touching.

"is it film or digi?"


"ahhh, yes. one more!"

there are a few more stories like this one, with various other Germans, including the previously photo happy German, but those will wait since I have to get my photos developed. as I got into the car to leave the hotel last night, I looked down and spotted a silver-gray Blixahair.

the orange label on the can says British Airways

backstage after THREE hours of music

Blixa berates an unappreciative audience member.
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