November 7th, 2005

make decisions without your television

Oh Gurl! nail salon

the subject title has nothing to do with this entry, other than it makes me smile, which I am in dire need of, along with sleep!

I will leave out all the awful details of going to and coming from seeing Depeche Mode, as it is all just too argh-inducing to think about. I will say it included a flat tire, a very crowded IKEA store, an IKEA store with almost everything I wanted sold out, putting something I planned to purchase down in front of me to reach something on a high shelf at a Sanrio store and having it snatched away by someone who had been stalking me around the store (leaving me to walk out with nothing-- not so much rage-inducing as a "people are incredibly horrible jerks" feeling-- rage would require too much energy), etc etc etc. I haven't had this much suck on a trip since the Iowa "learning experience," where I discovered my neighbors are pod people, and I could never, ever live in the midwest without losing my mind.

Depeche Mode-- this tour is worth seeing for Martin Gore's oufit onstage. he came out wearing black feathered wings and a hat that has a furry mohawk. I pretty much died on the spot. even though Dave Gahan has died something like 12 times from overdosing, he can still shake that skinny white-boy ass for a full 10 minutes. really impressive. I discovered Gwinnett Arena is a horrible place to hear live music-- having the sound loud doesn't really make it better, it's just a bunch of reverb and distortion. I should have brought a camera, as I could have smuggled an Uzi in-- security=nothing.

the seats weren't too terrible, since the place is so small. maybe the ugliest stage setup ever, though-- if Anton Corbijn did the stage design, he's getting really slack. we were 3rd row up from the floor. the best thing about our section was the 400-lbs. guy with nappy hair wearing a bootleg Nine Inch Nails shirt. he freaked out the entire time, did air guitar, air keyboards, acted out the lyrics (such as Everything Counts/"grabbing hands" he would make grabby hand motions), and would yell "YEAH," pause for 5 seconds, then "FUCK YEAH" in between songs. he also yelled, "MARTIN," so he was alright.

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I haven't seen so many well-groomed, incredibly hot-in-a-magazine-model way men since the last time I saw Depeche Mode, ha!

JT LeRoy identity crisis = good reading, though I haven't finished the entire article yet. but hasn't Asia Argento met him in person since she says they're best friends/soul mates? his books are really good reading either way, but in that special soul-crushing way.

I also need the DVD of the complete R Kelly Trapped In The Closet saga. it just blows my mind that people think this man is a great artist. seeing/hearing some of this "song" probably turned me sterile. also, worst southern accent ever!
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