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just like you imagined

this will be the only time I talk about yesterday/tonight ever, because I want to keep as much of this private as possible. not so much because I'm a jerk, but because everything will remain more... precious (for lack of a better word at the moment) to me.

we were seated in between his guitar cases (marked with a TR, of course) & a couple in their early 50s who had never seen them live before. they were so excited, and asked me what to expect. after telling them to keep their eyes open the entire time, they wanted to know if this was my favorite band. I said no, that would be a-ha, but this man about to go onstage had my highest respect for being genuine. after this, the things happened that I don't want to detail, but he got teary eyes, I got teary eyes, and then notTwiggy (I still think of him as the creepy naked guy I've seen in embarrassing photos, although he now looks like someone I would have crushed after in high school) clapped his hands like a little girl and bounced on his heels. so... yes. just everything and more. from that point on I felt (and still feel) like a completely different person with a renewed sense of self & purpose. we're getting squishy in our advancing age! I still laughed on the inside at certain songs, but I happily sang along anyway since this music has been like a warm blanket to me since I was a kid in 1991 playing the cassette on my Walkman in the middle of the night.

anyway, his voice is so much stronger than the previous times I've seen them live. almost shockingly so. before he looked like he might flail you to death, but now with his no-neckness he looked at times like he could have punched your head off. the fans I talked to are still just as great as last time... it's easier to distinguish who is there to listen and there to be seen (those people are usually holding beer cups, wearing see-through lingerie). I seemed to be the only one in our section who knew the words (especially to "Burn," which some supposedly hardcore people thought was a new song), and I got another appreciative happy-applause/wave from notTwiggy. so weird.

superficial note to male readers who may want to have my babies: I suggest making me a mix CD, getting ideas from some of the songs played between bands & afterwards-- Joy Division, MIA, the Clash, T Rex, New Order, This Mortal Coil, and Gary Numan. yet again, I seemed to be the only supernerd who recognized almost all the songs and seat-danced along.

oh, I go to work in 7 hours. I wonder if my Japanese mail came today while I was gone. and sho_okii, what you said earlier about just going and doing seriously helped, thank you!
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