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Oh Gurl! nail salon

the subject title has nothing to do with this entry, other than it makes me smile, which I am in dire need of, along with sleep!

I will leave out all the awful details of going to and coming from seeing Depeche Mode, as it is all just too argh-inducing to think about. I will say it included a flat tire, a very crowded IKEA store, an IKEA store with almost everything I wanted sold out, putting something I planned to purchase down in front of me to reach something on a high shelf at a Sanrio store and having it snatched away by someone who had been stalking me around the store (leaving me to walk out with nothing-- not so much rage-inducing as a "people are incredibly horrible jerks" feeling-- rage would require too much energy), etc etc etc. I haven't had this much suck on a trip since the Iowa "learning experience," where I discovered my neighbors are pod people, and I could never, ever live in the midwest without losing my mind.

Depeche Mode-- this tour is worth seeing for Martin Gore's oufit onstage. he came out wearing black feathered wings and a hat that has a furry mohawk. I pretty much died on the spot. even though Dave Gahan has died something like 12 times from overdosing, he can still shake that skinny white-boy ass for a full 10 minutes. really impressive. I discovered Gwinnett Arena is a horrible place to hear live music-- having the sound loud doesn't really make it better, it's just a bunch of reverb and distortion. I should have brought a camera, as I could have smuggled an Uzi in-- security=nothing.

the seats weren't too terrible, since the place is so small. maybe the ugliest stage setup ever, though-- if Anton Corbijn did the stage design, he's getting really slack. we were 3rd row up from the floor. the best thing about our section was the 400-lbs. guy with nappy hair wearing a bootleg Nine Inch Nails shirt. he freaked out the entire time, did air guitar, air keyboards, acted out the lyrics (such as Everything Counts/"grabbing hands" he would make grabby hand motions), and would yell "YEAH," pause for 5 seconds, then "FUCK YEAH" in between songs. he also yelled, "MARTIN," so he was alright.

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I haven't seen so many well-groomed, incredibly hot-in-a-magazine-model way men since the last time I saw Depeche Mode, ha!

JT LeRoy identity crisis = good reading, though I haven't finished the entire article yet. but hasn't Asia Argento met him in person since she says they're best friends/soul mates? his books are really good reading either way, but in that special soul-crushing way.

I also need the DVD of the complete R Kelly Trapped In The Closet saga. it just blows my mind that people think this man is a great artist. seeing/hearing some of this "song" probably turned me sterile. also, worst southern accent ever!
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just like you imagined

this will be the only time I talk about yesterday/tonight ever, because I want to keep as much of this private as possible. not so much because I'm a jerk, but because everything will remain more... precious (for lack of a better word at the moment) to me.

we were seated in between his guitar cases (marked with a TR, of course) & a couple in their early 50s who had never seen them live before. they were so excited, and asked me what to expect. after telling them to keep their eyes open the entire time, they wanted to know if this was my favorite band. I said no, that would be a-ha, but this man about to go onstage had my highest respect for being genuine. after this, the things happened that I don't want to detail, but he got teary eyes, I got teary eyes, and then notTwiggy (I still think of him as the creepy naked guy I've seen in embarrassing photos, although he now looks like someone I would have crushed after in high school) clapped his hands like a little girl and bounced on his heels. so... yes. just everything and more. from that point on I felt (and still feel) like a completely different person with a renewed sense of self & purpose. we're getting squishy in our advancing age! I still laughed on the inside at certain songs, but I happily sang along anyway since this music has been like a warm blanket to me since I was a kid in 1991 playing the cassette on my Walkman in the middle of the night.

anyway, his voice is so much stronger than the previous times I've seen them live. almost shockingly so. before he looked like he might flail you to death, but now with his no-neckness he looked at times like he could have punched your head off. the fans I talked to are still just as great as last time... it's easier to distinguish who is there to listen and there to be seen (those people are usually holding beer cups, wearing see-through lingerie). I seemed to be the only one in our section who knew the words (especially to "Burn," which some supposedly hardcore people thought was a new song), and I got another appreciative happy-applause/wave from notTwiggy. so weird.

superficial note to male readers who may want to have my babies: I suggest making me a mix CD, getting ideas from some of the songs played between bands & afterwards-- Joy Division, MIA, the Clash, T Rex, New Order, This Mortal Coil, and Gary Numan. yet again, I seemed to be the only supernerd who recognized almost all the songs and seat-danced along.

oh, I go to work in 7 hours. I wonder if my Japanese mail came today while I was gone. and sho_okii, what you said earlier about just going and doing seriously helped, thank you!
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slowly learning that life is okay


romanglass saw me ugly-cry when they first came out onstage, so embarrassing!

lots to tell, but I have to go to work tomorrow. since I sound like a total mantalker in phone posts, I'll mention again that I was interviewed by Magnus (in his wonderful, 17-year-old Depeche Mode shirt) of Dagbladet. I cannot remember the photographer's name, but he took way too many photos of me looking probably crazy & shiny. I had a migraine (how freaking convenient!) right up until 5 PM the day of the concert-- I loaded up on 2 Imitrex and went all woozy. I did wear very tall boots, which killed me walking up and down subway stairs. worth it, though-- we made it to the front of the balcony, many thanks to Catherine & Geoff & their tall English friend whose name I cannot remember! I did buy shirts-- according to the Norwegian shirt man, they had only 250 total. I had to get what they had, so if any of you don't like them... eBay!

at the party Sunday night, I met other fans from Costa Rica (one wearing an Icon Of Coil shirt!), Japan, Singapore, England, Scotland (sayuri_x, we need to meet under less busy circumstances!), & all over America. I know there were others from Germany, Mexico, Spain, Canada, & Norway, but I didn't meet them personally. everyone is just so nice & interesting... a very diverse group, with one particular thing in common. besides telling Dagbladet about the US street team, I tried to stress how the friendships I've made and people I've met through this music has been the most important thing. cue sappy violins!

I'll also try to upload photos tomorrow. I didn't take many photos of the actual concert since I was too busy with my jaw dropped.
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reading murder books, trying to stay hip

Billy Idol kissed me on the mouth.

my thighs went up in flames.


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photos are here.

and now, semi-related: voodoodollyiii, who I've 'known' on LJ longer than anyone, had Collapse )

also, please check out Jenny's sale: she has some really amazing stuff for good prices. I would suggest buying her copy of Brilliant Trees, one of the best albums to ever be made on a diet solely of cocaine & cigarettes.
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never always

Blixa Bargeld led us into the hallway, opened up his arms, and proclaimed, "let us take photos!"

I held back a giggle. "well, we both want to be in the photo with you but we have no one to take it."

"OH!," he said. "I will get someone!"

he ran back into the other room, yelling "can I get someone to take photos?" someone came out (I think one of the fellows who kept letting me get almost on the stage to take photos of the equipment between songs) & I taught him how to use the camera. Blixa resumed his position, arms aloft, welcoming us to duck under his arms where we would have to grab him by the waist as he held us next to his pleasantly stage-damp turquoise silk-lined suit jacket.

"smile!," he urged. we attempted to not look dazed.

"one more!," I begged.

he tilts his face towards mine so our noses are almost touching.

"is it film or digi?"


"ahhh, yes. one more!"

there are a few more stories like this one, with various other Germans, including the previously photo happy German, but those will wait since I have to get my photos developed. as I got into the car to leave the hotel last night, I looked down and spotted a silver-gray Blixahair.

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Blixa berates an unappreciative audience member.
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milkshaken princess

They had already learned that, whatever you wanted to do, provocation wasn’t a bad first step. Once Nicky and Richey were on the same schoolboy coach trip to France. The passengers took turns to put tapes on. Richey’s was Einsturzende Neubauten: grotesque post-industrial screeching and the five minutes of a tap dripping. He revelled in each of the ten minutes the noise blared out before the teacher said, "Let’s get this off."

"Which never left him, throughout his life," Sean says. "He’s always loved to annoy."

"He loved to do it to us." Nicky says. "He’d put Pantera on at one hundred and fifteen decibels."

"Or Dogs D’Amour," Sean says, ruefully.
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halcyon on & on

1990/1991: Johnny Cash & the Carter Family

1995/01/25: Nine Inch Nails, Jim Rose Sideshow Circus, Pop Will Eat Itself

1996/05/16: Smashing Pumpkins, Garbage, the Frog Brothers
1996: Bush, Goo Goo Dolls, No Doubt

1997/05/16: U2, Rage Against The Machine
1997/11/04: Prince

2000/05/14: Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle
2000/07/29: Duran Duran, Tsar

2001/03/11: Duran Duran
2001/03/29: U2, Nelly Furtado
2001/07/09: Depeche Mode, Poe
2001/07/23: the Go-go’s, Stella Soleil
2001/07/30: Radiohead, Kid Koala
2001/09/13: Lynyrd Skynyrd
2001/10/11: Loretta Lynn

2003/08/30: the Cruxshadows, Ghost Of The Robot
2003/09/12: Type O Negative, Lacuna Coil
2003/10/06: Radiohead, Supergrass
2003/11/09: the Cruxshadows, The Last Dance
2003/11/19: the Cruxshadows
2003/11/21: Duran Duran

2004/05/15: Einsturzende Neubauten
2004/07/18: the Last Dance
2004/09/04: the Cruxshadows, Voltaire, Faith And The Muse
2004/09/10: the Cruxshadows
2004/09/19: Aerosmith, Kiss
2004/10/31: Camino

2005/02/11: Camino
2005/02/27: Psycho le Cemu
2005/04/18: Billy Idol
2005/07/20: Duran Duran
2005/09: Bella Morte
2005/09: the Cruxshadows
2005/09/12: a-ha
2005/10/27: Nine Inch Nails, Queens Of The Stone Age, Death From Above 1979
2005/11/05: Depeche Mode
2005/11/18: U2